Monday, November 23, 2020

Make your own Scruncheeze's

 Please note I was sent product samples in exchange for this blog post.  All photos and opinions are my own.  

My daughter is currently obsessed with the 80's.  She thinks caboodles, care bears and sideways pony tails with scruncheeze's are cool!  So when I was recently asked by Activity Kings to check out their new Do-It-Yourself Scruncheeze Loom, I of course said yes knowing I would be "like the most totally tubular mom EVER!!!"  (Yes, I lived through the 80's and can remember talking like a valley girl complete with big hair and bubble gum.)

For starters I have to say this is a nifty little way to make scruncheezies.  It is recommended for ages 6 and up and is very easy for their little fingers to make.  It takes just a couple of minutes to actually make, but come with some many different colors of material that choosing which one to make first will take the longest.  This kit comes with 11 different fabric strips, elastic cord, 3 charms and fabric glue.  

To start you knot your elastic cord and place it on the pink plastic loom.  Next you place the fabric over half of the loom and scrunch it all up and on the loom.  Then fold loom in half and knot the two end of the elastic strap together and lastly pull off the loom.  Once off you can use fabric glue to hide the loose ends of the fabric.  Let it dry and then if you wanted to you could add a fashion charm to your scruncheeze.  

This kit allows for your child to utilize their creativity in making a product they will be proud to wear and show off to others.  It's great for keeping them busy on cold winter days and would make an excellent gift for the little girl in your life. You can purchase this loom kit at Target or online from WeCoolToys.  

Thanks again for allowing me to review this product.

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