Monday, October 12, 2020

Toys for girls who like dinosaurs

Please note I was sent samples in exchange for this blog post.  All opinions and photos are my own. 

This week I am doing a round up of new toys out in time for Christmas this year.  My kids have put these toys to the test and I will be sharing pictures and opinions of what they thought of them.  First up we have Cave Club Rockelle and Tyrasaurus from Mattel.  My daughter has always taken an interest in dinosaurs so this toy could not get out of the package soon enough. 

A little smaller in size than a barbie doll, Rockelle is decked out in the lastest Cavegirl accessories and has colorful hair to brush and style.  Tyrasaurus is a teenage T-Rex who is brightly colored and can be saddled up for Rockelle to ride off on an adventure with.  Snacks for both the girl and T-Rex are included.  The doll has bendable arms and legs to pose easily and the dinos arms and legs both move.  As I mentioned the saddle does come off and on easily.  It can hold 2 dolls if your cave club expands and after reading more on the box there are 5 other dolls available in this line to expand your club.  

Since the weather was nice the Cave Club girls went outside and played on a rock.  My daughter thought this gave the figures a little more pre-historic looking setting to set up camp and play for the afternoon.  The imaginary world my daughter created for the Cave Club consisted of hunting and fishing, cooking their dinner over a campfire and hiding when they heard predators approaching. (yes, I overheard her storyline.)  The T-Rex's mouth does open and close with the push of a lever on the back of the head.  
The doll easily snaps onto the saddle so you don't have to worry about her falling off.  And the dinos feet are wide enough that she stands well balanced.  Both have hair to brush and style with a clip and a small hair brush did come with the package.  The toy is recommend for ages 4 and up.  

Overall, my daughter loved the bright colors of the toy.  A blue T-Rex with purple hearts is very girlie!!!  She enjoyed the crazy hair styles as well.  If your girl likes dolls or is interested in Paleontology then this toy would be a big hit.  Rockelle and Tyrasaurus are available for purchase at various toy stores such as Wal-Mart and Target.  

Thanks again to Mattel for sponsoring this giveaway and for allowing us to review their new products.

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  1. My favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex. My daughter would love this! She loves making our dino toys say “rawr!”.


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