Monday, November 11, 2019

Glitter Dots for crafty kids on your Christmas List

Please note I was sent product in exchange for this blog post.  All opinions and photos are my own.

If there is a crafty kids on your Christmas shopping list this year, then look no further.  I have just the product that they will love to create and design with, and leaves behind no mess.  Crayola Glitter Dots!  That's right, I said glitter with little to no mess.  Glitter and I have a love/hate relationship.  My kids love to use it, and I hate finding it everywhere.  But these Glitter dots truly leave behind no mess. It's not on their hands, it's not on the table, it's not on the floor. It is only on their project.  Genius!  Right?!?!  

Crayola Glitter Dots are little circles of colored glitter in a punch packet.  Air tight, completely contained glitter balls.  Simply punch out of the packet, place on your project and flatten with your finger or tool.  The glitter does not sick to your fingers.  Move around the glitter and then allow to dry for one hour.  The glitter sticks to itself, or your project and not to you.  Below is a picture of the Crayola Keychain Glitter Dots kits.  The kids choose the color of glitter they wanted and pushed it into the reservoir filling the area by pushing and flattening out the ball of glitter.  When they were done they let them sit for an hour.    

Using the fingers to push around the glitter was great for developing finger dexterity.  The package also came with a plastic tool to use to help get tight corners.  And as you can see in the picture below, it left behind no mess.  Clean fingers, clean work space, and happy kids with adorable craft projects.
The keychain kit came with 3 different designs, beads, string and a clasp.  As you can see my daughter already has hers clipped to her back pack. Crayola has several different kits you can purchase to create projects with the glitter dots or you can purchase packages of just glitter dots to put on paper or other surfaces to create a masterpiece.   Get creative, make some fun and sparkly without the mess.
If you would like to enter to win a sample of Crayola Glitter Dot's then check out my Instagram for details.
 Thanks again to Crayola for providing me with samples in exchange for this blog post.

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