Monday, October 21, 2019

Dusty Crophopper Jello Cups

Our ShOTT of Espresso turned 5 this month and is a fan of the Disney movie "Planes" and "Planes Fire & Rescue."  The little orange plane named Dusty Crophopper learns to become a world class air racer and an aerial firefighter.  So for his class party at preschool I came up with the idea of make orange snack pack jello cups into looking like Dusty Crophopper.  With a few simple printables, glue stick and of course the jello snack packs I put together an adorable treat for his preschool class party.
I bought the jello cups, orange construction paper and then found images of Dusty's eyes online and scaled them to the width of the plastic jello cup.  I then found a propeller clipart and scaled it to size as well.

I simply cut out rectangles of orange construction paper for the wings and used a piece of double stick tape to stick them to the top.  Next I cut out his eyes and propeller and I used glue stick to apply those to the side of the jello cup.

I found matching napkins to serve with the jello and of course brought spoons to eat it with.

The jello seemed to be a big hit with the kids, and its allergen friendly which is great that everyone in the classroom could enjoy it.

Psssttt... I also made this quick and easy Dusty decoration for a party at the house.  A simple orange tissue paper decoration (which I purchased after Halloween last year for a deep discount.)  And again I simply printed off the clip art of his eyes and a propeller and attached them with glue to the dial and it made for an easy (and cheap) decoration.

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