Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tinkering Labs for young minds

Please note I was sent product samples in exchange for this blog post.  All photos and opinions are my own. 
I have a child who loves to know how things work.  At the age of 3 he discovered that cars have a spare tire.  He was fascinated with where it was kept on different makes of cars and trucks.  He would innocently ask family and friends, "Wheres your spare tire?"  While I knew what he was getting at it, it was so embarrassing to see peoples reactions.  I would have to jump in and say, "On your truck?  He want's to know where is the spare tire on your truck?"  Oiy... the things little kids say. 
Tinkering Labs offers an Electric Motors Catalyst kits to keep your kids busy.  Tinkering Labs offers kids the chance to build with real motors, wood and hardware.  The kit contains 50 parts, so really all the supplies you need to build the featured project.   I love that is comes with safety googles and tools (like this time a screwdriver) and batteries. Yes, it even came with batteries.  Just in case you didn't already have those, now you do and can complete the project without running to the store.

The possibilities of what your kids can create are endless because the parts are made to be put together and taken apart and recreated for something else.  This way kids can completely understand how to connect the parts with the world around them.  The and the kit comes with detailed instructions.  Which is handy if your kid gets stuck somewhere along the way, you can look them over and try to help them out.  There are also additional idea books/10 inspirational challenge cards with activities and experiments that build off of what you made and allow your child to continue to explore and understand all the inner workings and design.  I love that there is so many ways your child can take this and make it their own.
To get your own Electric Motors Catalyst kit on amazon or you can visit their website or follow them on instagram.

Thanks to Tinkering Labs for sending me product samples to review for this blog post.

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