Friday, August 2, 2019

Magformers Fire Truck Set

Please note I was sent product samples in exchange for this blog post.  All photos and opinions are my own.  

My youngest loves to build.  He builds with blocks, legos, sticks and stones, he even stacks up grocery items as I'm organizing the pantry.  He could build all day long if I let him.  So when I was contacted to try Magformers Amazing Rescue Set, I eagerly agreed to review them on my blog because I know my little guy would like it.

Magformers uses magnets to hold pieces together so it is easy for small hands to put together and take apart.  The recommend age is 3+ and my son is 4 and can build things with ease.  While this particular set comes with 50 pieces.  Build and create your own fire adventure with ideas like a fire truck, fire station and 2 characters.  It also contains an instruction book showing you how to build certain items.  Of course my 4 year old loves to free-style while he builds and lets his imagination run wild, but it's good to know when he wants a firetruck and can't get it to look like the picture on the box, mom has an easy out to help.
If you are into STEM toys, then look no further.  The geometric shapes of the pieces and the use of magnets are ideal for teaching kids and allowing them to learn and explore on their own.  This toy introduces kids to concepts in engineering, technology and mathematics.
 As a mom I appreciate that once the kids are done playing, and take apart their creations, the magnets stick together making for easy storage and organization. (less toys to loose or misplace)  So if you are in need of a fall birthday present, or some back-to-school STEM toy boredom busters be sure to check out Magformers!!!  More sets can be found on their website.

Big thanks to Ematic toys for sending me this product to review. 

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