Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Cold Brew Liquid Pods

Please note I was sent product samples in exchange for this blog post.  All photos and opinions are my own.

You know those mornings when you're getting the kids around for school and you set your coffee mug down somewhere, forget where you left it, and then by the time you finally find it.... your coffee is cold.  (Ugh!  That's always frustrating.)  Well I have found a solution to this mom problem....  Authentic Cold Brew Coffee from Java House.  

Liquid Cold Brew Coffee in a coffee pod, that you can be enjoyed either hot or cold.  That's right, it's concentrated liquid in the k-cup not coffee grinds.  Simply place a pod in your K-cup brewer, push start and then allow your coffee to come out either in a warm mug or over ice cubes.  The great thing about Cold Brew Coffee is that it maintains it's flavor profile if you reheat it.  That's right!!!  Find that cold cup of coffee sitting around and stick it in the microwave once, twice, three times (depending on how rough your morning is) and the coffee will taste the same as it did when it was freshly brewed.  

 Java House Authentic Cold Brew Coffee comes in 4 flavors: Ethiopian, Decaf, Colombian and Sumatran.  You can buy just about any grocery store coffee is sold at.   I've seen it at Target and Wal-Mart.  Or you can order it online. 
Thanks again to Java House for sending me samples of their product. 

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