Sunday, October 21, 2018

Construction FOURman Birthday Party

Our Shot of Espresso turned four this fall.  I love four year old birthday party themes because it's soooo fun and easy to play off the word four.  Our little man loves anything with wheels (And I mean anything) and gets excited every time he see's yellow construction equipment.  So playing off the word four... a construction 'four'man birthday party was just the thing.  Lots of yellow and orange and caution tape made for easy decorations. And utilizing things like tool boxes, extension cords and traffic cones were cheap and reusable and easy to find at a hardware store. (soooo practical)

For outside decorations we had a "Speed Limit 4" sign posted in the driveway for guests to see as they parked.  Up by the house I turned our wooden snowman decoration into a construction worker.  Then I made a wreath for the front door out of extension cord and caution tape.

Once they came in the front door the entry way was full of yellow hard hats for guests to put on to feel party of the construction crew.

For games we had plenty of construction trucks for kids to play with, as well as a construction puzzle, board game, books and kinetic rocks in a big plastic tub for them to use with smaller construction trucks like rollers. 
Next for the meal we had "Build a Taco"  I painted an old wooden step stool ladder and loved how it turned out as a prop for our table. (again, another practical decoration) I could put food on the steps at different levels.  I think it looks cute and matched the theme perfectly.  For drinks we had a sign that said, "Safety First, Quench your Thirst" with cute straws and orange cups.  And for the cupcakes I found construction cupcake pics with different construction vehicles and orange cone candles.  
Lastly, for party favors we gave out hubba bubba gum tape with yellow stickers on the side that said, "Blessed beyond MEASURE to have you at my party." Along with yellow and black slap bracelets and small toy construction vehicles.

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