Thursday, May 10, 2018

Paleontologist Pudding Cups

Back in my day (huh... that makes me sounds kind of old) birthday parties at school consisted of moms baking cookies and cupcakes at home and bringing them in for the class to eat.  I remember one time my mom piped Big Bird with icing onto Chocolate cupcakes.  And another time she painted cookies to look like Raggedy Ann and Andy.  But nowadays school parties have to be purchased from a store due to health safety reasons.  And I completely understand, especially with food allergies becoming more common it makes sense to be cautious.  So for our recent 6 year old's school party I came up with a clever idea to dress up a school approved snack.

Paleontologist Pudding Cups!

I purchased Snack Packs for her class along with bone shaped sprinkles (shhh... they were Halloween sprinkles but that can just be our little secret.) Dinosaur napkins from a party store and these cute shovel spoons from Amazon.  And from a food allergy standpoint milk and soy were the only allergens in these products.

Preparation was easy as all I had to do was pull off the lid of the pudding cup and sprinkle the bones on top.  The kids got to use their shovel spoons to scoop up the bones in the chocolate pudding that looked like dirt and got to pretend to be Paleontologist for a moment.  This was a great way to teach the kids what Paleontologist meant if they didn't already know.  And the shovel spoons were a big hit with the kids!!!!

And for an added bonus I got to teach the kids a little about Soil Science.  I purposely bought the chocolate vanilla variety so there would be three layers of colored pudding.  Just like soil is in layers when you dig down.  I explained to the kids that the soil changes the further you dig down.  There is top soil, sub soil, bedrock, etc.  Each layer is called a horizon and if they like to play in the dirt then they should consider growing up to be Soil Scientist.

One kid told me, "Dirt never tasted so good."

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