Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fairy House Cupcakes

MacchiOTTo wanted a Fairy Garden themed birthday party this year.  How cute are little girls running around in fairy wings, and face paint and glitter EVERYWHERE?!?!  And while I obsess over every... last.... detail... of her party, cookie houses with fairy picks on top of grass piped icing with some sprinkle accents.. were a great idea in my mind. (but a time consuming endeavor.)  One of those... this will be so cute and easy... and then it turns into this all day tasks and houses collapsing, and icing everywhere and well... you get the idea.  I ended the day with 8 fairy house cupcakes and I think they are incredibly cute, but I'm giving you all fair warning ahead of time these are a big commitment to make.  
 I started with this gingerbread cookie cutter I had that made small gingerbread houses.  I made rolled out sugar cookies.  Next I used a stiff buttercream icing and built the house.  I would do a couple of walls and then stick them in the fridge to firm up hard and then do the other walls, but back in the fridge and then do the roof last.

For the roof I used crushed up graham crackers with green food coloring so the roof would look moss or "thatchy" and help take away the gingerbread look. 

I also used the jumbo sized cupcakes so my cookie house would not overtake the cupcake. 

After piping green grass on the jumbo cupcake I was ready to add my house.
 I then decorated the house with some additional candy sprinkles to make a chimmney, windows.  I placed flower sprinkles in the grass and at the bottom of the house to look like landscaping.  And then some small white ball sprinkles to look like stepping stones.  And if you look closely you will see a basket sprinkle near the fairy.  Lastly, I put a fairy pick in the cupcake.  And wall-la Fairy House Cupcakes.

And then some cupcakes just got a fairy pick and no house, but on our food table it all blended in and no one asked why every cupcake didn't have a house, so... yea!

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