Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fairy Garden Party Theme

The year before last, we were at a Flower Show and one of the displays was a fairy garden.  My daughter was completely taken in by the display and did not want to leave.  From then on anytime a fairy garden came across our path she was intrigued.  Last summer I purchased a couple pieces for her to place in one of my flower pots and she called it her "fairy farm" and over winter break I signed her up for a fairy garden class where she made an indoor fairy garden.  So for her birthday this year a fairy garden theme seemed like the perfect idea.  "Like glittering dust on Fairy wings, little girls dreams are magical things."

For this party I did use a little bit of Tinker Bell items since she is the most famous fairy. 

So welcome to Ott Pixie Hollow.  There was a wreath on the front door and out in the landscape I had a child sized wheel barrow full of flowers next to a sign that says, "Garden Fairies come at dawn, bless the flowers then they're gone." 

 The weather was perfect that day so we used the outside to our advantage on the front porch guest could stop by the "Fairy Fashion Shoppe" to pick out their fairy wings, crown and fairy tattoo.  (Nothing is cuter that little girls running around in fairy wings.)

I also made toadstools out of tree logs and plastic bowls to place outside as well.

After getting dressed like a fairy, guests
could get their faces painted like a fairy.

Once inside there were more decorations.  The entry way was decorated.  I did use a couple angel like figurines here and there.  I figured it they didn't have a halo we were good to call them a fairy.  And here and there you will see a butterfly or dragonfly because they it seems like winged creatures would hang out together. 

 The dining room table had a grass mat with fairy garden set up on it.  There were little houses, and playground equipment and gardening supplies and it was all set up like a little village.  (Here is a tip on planning a fairy garden.  Look for your supplies in the winter months when all the summer decorations are on clearance.)
And my favorite detail was the chandelier in the dining room.  I draped vines and flowers around the light fixture to decorate it and then tied green canning jars to some of the vines that held down to look like lanterns.  Inside each jar/lantern was a fairy. (Remember the scenes in Peter Pan where Tinker Bell was trapped in a latern?)  It turned out so cute and whimsical and really set the tone for a garden feel. 
For the food table I used a Tinker Bell backdrop I got at a party store. We had Fairy House Cupcakes (which you can see in more detail by clicking here.)  Magic Wand Fruit Kabobs, Pixie Punch, Butterfly Crackers and Butterfly Gummies.  
For games we played pin the wings on the fairy, Musical Mushrooms, and bean bag toss as I decorated our board with fairies. 

Lastly, our guest made their own little fairy garden planter to take home as a party favor.  The guests planted a flower in a pot, put moss around it and then added little fairy garden features like a house, fence and more.  They all turned out really cute and was the perfect activity to do again outside. 

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