Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Mad Otters Tea Party

Earlier this spring we were going through a Tea Party phase at our house.  The kids had a little tea set and would love to sit around and pretend to drink from pink tea cups and pretend to eat plastic cookies.  Somedays they dressed up. Somedays they ate real cookies but both kids were crazy to play tea party.  So when MacchiOTTo turned 5, I thought a little girls tea party would be a perfect theme for an afternoon party.

But if you know me well, then you know the gears in my mind turn (alright spin) rather wildly when it comes to party themes.  So I thought about tea and the Mad Hatter came to mind.  And since Hatter had 2 T's and Ott has 2 T's my mind really started to race so we hosted a Mad Otters Tea Party! A fun and whimsical little girls birthday party with lots of colors, hats and of course tea!

First up I had an outdoor decoration that was the "Mad Otter" himself.  I'm sure you've all seen the two sided decorations of a snowman on one side and scarecrow on the other.  Well our snowman got a make over and with some artificial flowers for hair and a new ribbon and bow tie he turned into our Mad Otter.

Next up, when the guest arrived they each got a party hat.   I bought plain black plastic top hats at the party store and decorated each one differently.  I used lots of random ribbons, wreath decorations, (even some Christmas type decorations) so each hat was different and colorful and unique.  My husband's hat even had bunny ears on it so he could serve as the March Hare for the party.    

For the table the tea party was set with different colored and different length table clothes.  My thinking was once again of something whimsical and if you'll recall the Mad Hatter and March Hare had a very long table with lots of chairs for their tea party.  I had cake stands with colorful cupcakes and used an assortment of tea pots and tea cups with brightly colored flowers inside as centerpieces and additional decorations to set around.  One of the tea pots had a small stuffed animal mouse inside of it just like the little dormouse in the story.

I used some lines from the movie such as 'No Room' on the entrance of the dining room.  If you recall Alice walks up to the long table perfectly set with lots of chairs and the Mad Hatter tells her there isn't enough room.  And I had a sign that said "Clean Cups" at the beverage station since the March Hare didn't like to ever have to clean up after a party so they just moved down to the next clean place setting to start their party again.

Lastly, the food table had a picture of the birthday girl hanging above it.  With a garland of tea cups.  We served finger foods, but I did try (key word there try) to carve a watermelon to look like a tea pot and carved a number 5 into and then filled it back up with melon balls for the guest to eat.  

For games we had paper tea cups for the little kids to decorate with stickers and crayons.  And we also played pin the tea cup to the tray (like pin the tail on the donkey).  And for party favors we had Little Golden Books of Alice in Wonderland to send home with the kids and adults received a small silver teaspoon with a tea pot on the handle and tea.  

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