Friday, January 6, 2017

Reviewing the Kuissential Versa


A few weeks ago, I included the Kuissential Versa in my holiday gift guide for foodies.  Well today, I'm giving you a more in depth look at this unique all in one brewing system and travel mug. Just imagine being able to take your french press coffee on the go. No mess. No bitter taste, just a richly brewed hot coffee while you travel.

The Kuissential Versa uses a reverse french press brewing sytem.  The revolutionary process of removing the grounds allows your afternoon coffee to taste as delicious as your fresh brewed morning coffee.  Simply pull up the grinds and separate out the sediments from your drink and replace with a drinking lid.

Step One: Add coffee and water to the brewing capsule.  Then pull the plunger to adjust the mesh filter flush against the sides of the capsule.

Step Two: Place Coffee Mug over the brewing capsule, screwing in place and then turn over.  Allow coffee to seep for a couple of minutes.

Step Three: Pull up plunger to separate grinds from coffee. Unscrew the capsule and deposit for easy clean up.

Step Four: Screw on your travel mug spill proof lid, and enjoy your coffee anywhere.

The Kuissential Versa is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

You can now purchase the Kuissential Versa on Amazon

This unique design is a new type of coffee science that extracts only the best flavors for an optimized brew in only 2-3 minutes. The double-wall stainless steel container keeps your coffee hot for hours, holding about 3 and a half cups of perfectly french pressed coffee. The locking cap on the lid makes it easy to drink coffee and ensures no spills will ruin your day.  After brewing your coffee grounds, are pulled into our patented brewing capsule making for easy clean up without damaging the carafe.

“This new product represents Kuissential’s commitment to customer satisfaction and showcases the company’s passion for coffee innovation,” states inventor Benjamin Ebersold.  The Kuissential Versa was created with the vision to change the coffee industry for the benefit of on-the-go coffee drinkers. A way to bridge two competing desires of coffee consumption: quality and ease of use.

Please note Kuissential Versa did send me a product sample to review for this blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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