Friday, November 18, 2016

Keystone Mac-n-Cheese now at Kroger

Keystone Bar & Grill’s Famous Buffalo Bleu and BBQ & Bacon Mac & Cheese Now Available at Kroger – Help Celebrate Midwest’s Favorite Comfort Food Going Gourmet with an Exclusive Coupon Offer and a Sweepstakes

Nothing says, “Curl up on the couch with family and friends to watch some football” like a steaming plate of mac & cheese - - except perhaps a steaming plate of artisan mac & cheese!
A recent online poll shows more than half of Midwesterners claim mac & cheese as their favorite comfort food. Now Midwesterners can get a gourmet-twist on their mac & cheese from the grocery store.

For the first time, Cincinnati-based Keystone Bar & Grill is making available to homes across the Midwest its popular, uniquely flavored made-from-scratch Buffalo Bleu and BBQ & Bacon mac & cheese dishes in the freezer aisle of more than 200 Kroger stores. For $8.99, you can get a 16-oz serving to eat as an entrée for two, a side dish for four, or as popular mac & cheese bite appetizers for 8.

Limited-time exclusive coupon for my followers:
I worked out a special deal for my loyal followers. Save $2.50 when you try Keystone’s new mac & cheese. Yep, get dinner for two for under 7 bucks (almost 30% off) when you download my exclusive coupon here.

Win a signature spot on the menu
To celebrate the product launch, Keystone is holding an “Unlock the Flavors” sweepstakes.  The grand prize winner will stay at the Midwest’s Best Hotel, 21C Museum Hotel, while spending a day in the Keystone kitchen with Executive Chef Ray Recchia, combining flavor favorites to create a new mac & cheese dish. That dish will be named after the winner as a featured selection on Keystone’s menus.  To enter click here.

So, get your artisan-cozy on for the winter by getting down to Kroger and grabbing some Keystone’s Bar & Grill mac & cheese. There’s more tasty information on Keystone’s blog at: 

"This is a sponsored blog; while the views expressed here were genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by Keystone Bar & Grill to review this product” 

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