Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Foodie Gift Guide

I'm guessing their might be a "foodie" on your gift giving list this year.  And if you are scratching your head about what to give them, let me give you a couple of unique ideas.  I get several food related products to try throughout the year, so I can tell you what will wow your/their tastebuds and what to steer clear of.  So for Christmas 2016 here are 5 gift ideas for people who like food.

First up Hope Foods hummus is the perfect snack to enjoy, take to a party and share or give as a hostess gift. With a huge array of flavors (Siracha, Lemon Peppercorn and Kale Pesto to name a few), there will be something to please your palette and this is a healthy alternative compared to other dips.  Their hummus is organic, gluten free, dairy free and they use the art High Pressure Processing (HPP) technique. Instead of using heat pasteurization, which can fill hummus with tons of unwanted preservatives.  And, back to their flavors I love that they offer a few Chocolate options which are perfect served with graham cracker sticks, vanilla wafers and more.  Or round up some pita chips, vegetables or fruit to serve with their Spicy Avocado or Thai Coconut Curry.  Your bound to have more than one favorite flavor!
Second, try locally roasted coffee.  I always say once you have fresh roasted coffee you'll never go back.  So if there is a coffee drinker on your list, they will definitely appreciate this.  One example is Javaroma a coffee roaster from Mitchell, Indiana offering single origin, blends and decaf coffee beans.

Thirdly, and another option for coffee enthusiast is the Kuissential Versa, a reverse travel french press brewing system and travel mug.  The Versa gives consumers the option of french press, but instead of pressing the grounds out, it pulls them out leaving you with perfectly brewed cup to enjoy on the go. No more grounds or bitter tasting coffee while you are on the road.
And fourth, a gift card from Bens Soft Pretzels.  I am not kidding when I tell you I eat these pretzels the entire duration of the state fair... and thats 17 days!!!  They are that good.  Bens Soft Pretzels has franchises all over the midwest and there are even a couple down south.  They offer 11 amazing dip flavors.  Run (don't walk) and buy up some gift cards for stocking stuffers.
Fifth and last is the Oak Bottle. This oak vessel accelerates the traditional oak aging process and allows anyone to customize their favorite wine, spirits, beer or cocktails by infusing extravagant oak aged flavors and aroma in a matter of hours.
Please note I was sent samples of these products to blog about for this gift guide.

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