Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Begin Again Farm A to Z Puzzle

My kids work hard at playing.  So when I can find something that is both fun and educational I consider it a win!!  Begin Again offers toys that are eco-friendly, educational and versatile.  While the toys are designed in Colorado they offer wooden or recycled plastic toys with no batteries and no mess.
We have a lot of farm toys, so the Farm A to Z Puzzle was perfect for us.  My two year old dumped it out on the floor and my 4 year old put it together.  This puzzle has 26 chunky pieces.  Each piece is made from rubber wood and is stained, not painted.  All are labeled with a letter that corresponds with the picture of an animal, plant, equipment or person on a farm. Great for children ages 3 and up.

 And the thing I like best about this puzzle is one side is all upper case letters and the other side is lower case letters.  A is on an apple tree.  B is on a Barn.  And on it goes creating a complete farm playset.  Both sides are painted so child and put it together one way, dump it out and then put it together the other way.  (As shown in the picture below.)  The puzzle comes in a wooden box which holds all the pieces perfectly.
This toy not only teaches the alphabet order, sequencing and enhances story telling.   Begin Again has a variety of toys to check out for younger kids on your holiday gift list.  From push toys to chew toys and incredibly unique puzzles and games these toys are sure to be cherished and enjoyed.

Please note I did receive product samples for this blog post.  All photo and opinions are my own.

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