Thursday, October 8, 2015

Repurpose that farmers old bandanna

My grandfather, on my mothers side, was a farmer all of his life.  While he might have held jobs both on and off the farm, hard work, early mornings, late nights, raising livestock and crops was all he ever knew.  He liked to listen to a sporting event on the radio out in his barn rather than watching it in the house on a tv.  The pick up truck he drove was older, but always played the newest country music songs and he always carried four things in the pocket of his jeans.  His wallet, some peppermint candies, binder twine and a bandanna handkerchief.  While carrying a wallet and candy are justifiable, the binder twine is another story for another time.  The handkerchief's are what I am talking about today. Sometimes those hankies were red, sometimes they were blue, sometimes he might have even had a white colored one, but they all had the traditional paisley print. They were always there to wipe the sweat from hard work, a nose that needed blew or a tear that needed dried.  
And although my grandfather has passed I came across some of those old handkerchief's of his the other day.  They were in pretty good shape so I thought of a couple of ideas to re-purpose them and have a small memento of his in plain sight.  I'm sharing three of those ideas on the blog today.  

First up our little farmer boy, shOTT of Espress is soon to turn one. Each day he gets more active, and enjoys playing outside and playing with his farm sets.  So in the back pocket of his overalls is sewn a small piece of one of his great grandfathers navy blue handkerchiefs.  While it is just there for decoration right now, it makes me smile to see it and is a small reminder of grandpa. (Doing this to a new pair of overalls would make a great baby gift for someone as well.)    
I also used some of his navy blue colored bandannas for decorating at the birthday party.
Here I cut out the number "1" and sewed them to a banner.  Then I cut up strips of fabric and tied them to a string to make the garland look fuller.  I also cut out letters to make other banners to hang for the party and I'll show off more of those next week.

The third thing I made was a table runner.  Having not paid much attention to the paisley pattern or design before, I was surprised by all the different variations.  They really are quite intricate.  I selected three different patterns and sewed them onto a long piece of burlap.   I laid the hankies out in a diamond shape, pinned them in place and using navy blue thread, I set my sewing machine to my closest zig zag stich to run along the edge of the hankies securing them to the burlap.
The best tip I can give you is to iron, iron, iron everything.  And keep ironing as you go since cotton handkerchief's and burlap lay differently it helps keep everything flat and even as you sew.
I really like the look of this table runner, not only for fall, but for shOTT of Espresso 1st Birthday party, and like I mentioned it is a small memento of Grandpas to have in our home.

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