Monday, September 14, 2015

La Terza Artisan Coffee

I knew the moment I opened up my mailbox I would enjoy La Terza Artisan Coffee.  An aroma of roasted goodness poured into the air and I could hardly wait to grind some up and brew a cup of their coffee.  Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, La Terza puts a lot of effort and care into sourcing and roasting their beans and then passing on that quality to their customers.  

Having recently moved to a manufacturing facility designed with teaching in mind, La Terza is located in Lockland, next to Rivertown Brewing Company (who uses their coffee in their flagship beer - Roebling Portor).  In the near future La Terza will be offering Roasting tours and coffee brewing classes which will give consumers a better understanding of the many steps it takes to get coffee from the field to your cup.  Their head roaster, Roberts Mbabazi, grew up in Uganda in a coffee region, won the barista championship for Africa and is a Licensed Q grader from the Coffee Quality Institute.   He and the rest of our staff are a wealth of knowledge and love to teach.  

I recently sampled their Java Kayamus Estate.  This is a medium - dark roast with a hints of nuts and chocolate.  A smooth and consistent cup of coffee from start to finish.

I also tried their Nicaragua SHG Jinotega.  This was a light roasted coffee that had a sweet honey like opening that finished with some citrus notes.  The dynamics of this coffee bloomed while it cooled and provided a well rounded cup.  I would suggest this coffee for a lazy weekend morning when you have time to fully enjoy the full range of its flavor profiles.
La Terza, recently added an intricate subscription service to their website which allows customers to set their subscription to any frequency they want.  The idea is not to lock anyone into a subscription (only shipping every week or every other week), but rather to allow a shipment when it best suits you and getting you fresh coffee on your schedule.

To stay up to date on all the latest from La Terza be sure to check out their facebook page and twitter account.

Thanks to La Terza for providing me with samples of their coffee for this blog post.  Please note that all photos are my own.

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