Monday, August 31, 2015

Carabello Coffee

Every now and then as I drink a cup of coffee and  reach the bottom of my mug I almost get a sad feeling that I don't want the drink to end.  That's the way I felt when I drank Carabello Coffee and their Ethiopia Hambela Guji Natural.  The more I drink naturally processed coffee beans the more I like them.  This roast has delectable fruity notes like peaches, apricots, tangerines.  A cup that continues to open and bloom as it cools yet maintains a silky smooth body.
But before I get on to the other varieties of coffee I sampled let me tell you a little bit about Carabello Coffee.  Located in Newport, Kentucky and in business for the past 9 years the company is owned by a couple that work to source beans from third world countries, roast them, sell them and then give back, both at home and abroad, with some of the proceeds from the coffee.  Their tag line of "Coffee & Compassion in Tandem" sums up their mission perfectly.  And roasting coffee in small batches on a Primo, 5 Kilo requires skill to maintain the heat and timing of the roasts so you also know that same compassion goes into each batch of coffee you enjoy.  You can purchase their coffee online, at their coffee shop located in Newport, or at a number of retail shops and restaurants in the Cincinnati, northern kentucky area.

Other roasts I tried included their Mukui Peaberry from Kenya.  This is a well balanced, bold roast from start to finish and has some sweet undertones.

Their Fair Trade, Organic Honduras Las Capucas is a smooth cup of coffee to drink with breakfast as one can detect some subtle apple and maple nuances.

And then for all you fans of adding cream and sugar to your coffee, I suggest their Tres Fincas Signature Blend. Made up of three different roasts, this is a medium bodied coffee that can handle your extra add on and be enjoyed any time of day.

For more from Carabello Coffee be sure to check out their facebook page and twitter.

Thank you to Carabello Coffee for providing me with samples of their coffee, please note all photos are my own.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your review of us Ott! I'm Jacoby, one of the employees of Carabello Coffee. I'm really glad you enjoyed our coffee - just wanted to post a slight edit that Justin and Emily started the business 6 years ago!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this review!