Monday, July 20, 2015

Anchor Roasting

It's probably safe to say one of the newest Coffee Roasters in the Indianapolis area is Anchor Roasting.  Having just started in May of 2015, Anchor Roasting is owned and operated by a retired Navy Veteran who has carried out the Nautical theme throughout their business branding.  The names of the roasts and the looks of their packaging focus on Navy traditions, but don't worry, you don't have to be a sailor to enjoy a bold cup of their coffee.   
Using a gas powdered air roaster, this micro roaster can do two pounds at a time, which means special care and attention is given to each batch.  Currently Anchor Roasting is featuring Colombian Beans in three different roasts.

First up their General Order 99.  Now for those of you unfamiliar with US Navy History in 1914 a proclamation was made that banned alcohol from US Navy ships, therefore making coffee the strongest drink on board. This coffee is a full city roast and one can detect some sweet notes with a full body.  They also offer a dark roast coffee for those that want an extra punch and it is called the Mid-Watch.
Lastly, there is the Reveille roast, which lives up to its name.  Just as the drum or bugle would signal troops when to awake, this roast is bold and strong from start to finish.  I found it to be the perfect cup to start your day with!

Right now you can only purchase Anchor Roasting Coffee's on line.  And down the road they hope to offer an Ethiopian roasts as well.  Until then you can keep up with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks to Anchor Roasting for providing me with samples of their coffee for this blog post.  Please note all photos are my own.

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