Monday, June 29, 2015

zen cafe' coffee

A while back I had a birthday and someone sent me bag of Zen Cafe' Coffee as a gift.  (Side note: Coffee is always the perfect gift for a coffee drinker.)  So I ground up the beans, brewed a pot of coffee, took a sip and realized I had to find out where this coffee came from.  After a quick internet search I found out a little more about this coffee roaster located in South Bend, Indiana and have since tried more of their coffees and am happy to share what I learned with you 
In business since 2010, the owner of Zen Cafe' has made a few trips to source his coffee beans.  You can see pictures of some of his travels on his instagram account.   While traveling in Honduras and Hawaii to visit coffee bean farms he looks for quality in product, elevation, growing practices, milling practices (i.e. wet fermentation/dry fermentation, pulped natural/honey, natural process) and for farmers who are passionate about their crop.  This attention to detail is reflected in every cup of coffee as I sampled the Honduras, Cafe' con Miel (pictured below).  As I recall this coffee had some fruit like characteristics that complimented some mild spice notes.

Currently, Zen Cafe' uses a Dalian Amazon 3 kilo roaster, and have a weekly output of 250-300 pounds. In the near future though they will be getting a new roaster which will greatly increase the amount of coffee they can roast.  Also, on the horizon they will be opening a tasting room/cafe this Fall located at LangLab South Bend.  The menu will be limited but unique and will offer pairings from a local Chocolatier.  

And the other coffee tried  a Colombian coffee El Placer/El Porvenir and found this to have some caramel like sweetness with some nutty undertones.  Overall a well balanced cup and perfect for a lazy Saturday morning.  

Currently, you can purchase Zen Cafe' Coffee at the South Bend Farmers Market.  And, for all the latest updates be sure to check out their Facebook page. 
Thanks to Zen Cafe' for providing me with samples to review for this blog post.  Please note all photos and opinions are my own.

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