Monday, June 22, 2015

Mugs Coffee

When I sampled Mugs Coffee out of Anderson, Indiana I figured I better select the right mug from my mug tree to enjoy their blends.  And, my biggest mug was a good choice.  
Mugs Coffee & Tea started out as a wholesale coffee roaster and by 2014 opened a coffee shop in Anderson.  After just a year, the company now has 2 locations (one of which has a drive thru) and a menu of great drinks and food items.

Mugs Coffee & Tea is considered a micro-roaster because they roast 1 pound at a time in an air circulated roaster.  This way they can serve up the freshest coffee possible to consumers and give special attention to the detail of each roast and order.  

I had the pleasure of sampling 3 different coffees.  The first was their 365 blend which I found to have an initial sweet taste followed by a smooth finish.  The other blend I tried was East Meets West. This blend really grew on me after a couple of days as it is a full bodied cup and really complete from start to finish.  I found out that this blend was originally a custom order for a wedding party and enough guest requested it that it has become a regular offering.  (And yes, Mugs will do custom blends for any occasion.)    
The third sample I tried was the Sumatra Coffee.  This single origin coffee had an earthy flavor but with some chocolate notes and an aroma that you would enjoy waking up to each morning.  

You can purchase Mugs Coffee in their store or from their website.  
Mugs offers the traditional coffee house variety of drinks both hot and cold, but their most popular hot drink the Peanut Butter Mocha Latte' and the most requested cold drink is their Iced Latte' Skyeway.  Their food menu consists of a variety of breakfast items like muffins and oatmeal and their famous Green Dough Burrito. 

Big Thanks to Mugs Coffee & Tea for providing me with samples for this blog post.  Please note all pictures are my own.

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