Wednesday, June 17, 2015

cozy coupe footprint card

Like most families with toddlers, we have a cozy coupe.  (You know those red cars that toddlers can climb in and drive with their feet like Fred Flintstone) It gets played with just about every day.  So when I was thinking up a fun idea for a Fathers Day card I thought.. why not use one of the kids footprint and make it into the cozy coupe?  Something dad is sure to recognize and cherish from all those days of playing outside with it.  But then again this could also be cute for a birthday party or thank you card.

I know Cozy Coupe's come in different colors but ours in the traditional red with a yellow roof.  I used a red ink pad on the babys foot and stamped in on a plain white card.
Then I used a yellow marker to make the roof.  And a black marker for the wheels and steering wheel. (You could always add additional details to like a door handle, headlights, road, etc. but I tried to keep it simple.)

On the inside you could write one of these cute sayings.
"From the bottom of my heart to the tip of my toes, I love you."
I "wheelie" love you.
You raced off with my heart.

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Crystal said...

Adorable! We will have to try this over the summer.