Monday, June 8, 2015

Black Heart Coffee

Today I'm drinking a cold brew coffee from Black Heart Coffee made in Indianapolis.  This is actually only my second time ever drinking and enjoying cold brew coffee, and I have to admit I have been missing out by not drinking this sooner.  If you aren't familiar with cold brew coffee then let me tell you a little bit about it.  In general cold brew is brewed by soaking coarse coffee grinds in cold water for prolonged periods of time.  After filtration the coffee is left in a concentrated state and then bottled and refrigerated.   When you are ready to enjoy your cold brew coffee you can dilute it with a 1:1 ratio of water (or more or less depending on your taste preference.)  Cold brew coffee can be enjoyed hot or cold, but whatever you do, don't confuse it with iced coffee, which is brewed hot and then served over ice.  

Now that you know more about the process let me tell you about Black Heart Coffee specifically. Black Heart used a dark roasted coffee bean which really brings out a stronger flavor in the coffee. This roast level for cold brew is unique in that it brings out some earthy and smokey flavors to the coffee.  I drank mine heated and with a little stronger ratio of coffee to water as I like my coffee that way.  And I absolutely love the fact that cold brew coffee is less acidic than regular brewed coffee and can be reheated numerous times and the flavor profile doesn't change.  As a busy mom with 2 toddlers I rarely get to drink the full cup warm so being able to reheat it during my morning routine and still having it taste great was awesome!

I recently spoke with the owner of Black Heart Coffee to learn a little bit more about their product. She started making the coffee out of her home about 5 years ago and jokingly called it Black Gold. As time passed and interest in the coffee grew she started thinking more seriously of a name and being located in the heartland decided on Black Heart Coffee.  She mentioned that they use Fair Trade, organic coffee beans and filter their coffee 4 times to reach the flavor profile they desire.  

While you can easily drink this coffee over ice or heated she gave me some additional ideas of ways to drink it such as with coconut milk, or as a mixed drink with bourbon.  (That one I've got to try as I'm sure it would enhance the smokey flavors.)

If you want to try some Black Heart Cold Brew Coffee for yourself you can find where to buy it in the Indy metro area on their website.

Up next for Black Heart is being a featured drink at Traders Point Creamery's Dinner on the Deck on July 17th.

Please note Black Heart Coffee did provide me with samples of their Cold Brew Coffee.

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