Friday, May 15, 2015

Paint Party: Food, Centerpiece & Games

My favorite part about planning any party is selecting a good theme and sticking to it.  I want my invites, decorations, food, games, everything.... to match, coordinate, follow a color scheme and continue building off of the party's theme.  So I've already shown you the party favors, decorations, cake & invites so today I sharing the food, table-scape and the game.   

First up the table settings.  Keeping with the rainbow color scheme your would find on an art palette, I used a white table cloth on our dining room rainbow colored placemats and coordinating cups.  I then used white plates.
For the placemats I cut scrapbook paper to look like paint spots by making the edges wavy and the corners blob like.  Then at the party store I found colored cups to match each of the six rainbow colored placemats. I did have more than 6 places to set so I repeated some of the colors.

Next for the centerpiece I lined up 6 canning jars in the center of my table.  I filled them with water and white daises, and then used food coloring in the water to make the colors of the rainbow.    
And the food all had creative names to keep with the paint theme.  I used little wooden easels I found at a party store to display the names of the food with tags I made using colorful scapbook paper.
And as a snack I made these chocolate covered pretzels and called them "paint brushes".
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Last but not least..... the game.  I made a slide show of famous paintings (like the Mona Lisa, American Gothic, Starry Night, etc.)  Guests had to write down the names of the paintings and the name of the artists, the one with the most right won.  Here's the kicker I used some fun works of paint splattered art from real artists but I also threw in one of MacchiOTTo's own masterpieces, to see if anyone could tell the difference between a professional and a 3 year old.

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