Thursday, May 14, 2015

Paint Party: Decorations, Invitations & Cake

MacchiOTTo spends about an hour a day coloring, painting, drawing, sculpting with playdough and when the weathers nice... playing with sidewalk chalk.  The girl is crazy about craft time, art time or doing anything with her hands, so I knew an Art/Paint Party was the theme for this years birthday.
So for some decorations near the cake table I made a FREE Rainbow colored banner.  (I'll get to the free part in just a bit.) Some paint tube streamers (also very inexpensive to make but I'll give you a step by step tutorial further down).  And then to display the cake I used plastic tablecloths to look like paint spilling out of a paint can.   
I simply put down the black table cloth and then took a silver pail and taped the green plastic table cloth to the inside, turn the pail on its side and then displayed my cake next to it.  

I'm not a cake decorator but I'm pretty proud of this cake I iced.  I simply baked a Texas sheet cake and then used a knife to round the corners and cut a circle on one end to look like a paint palette. The sheet cake was small and dense enough that it was easy to work with.  Next I made a traditional buttercream icing and used food coloring to make about 3/4's of it brown.  I iced the entire cake with the brown. Then mixed up small amounts of the remaining icing in different colors of the rainbow and spread in small circles around the palette.  Lastly I took a small, new, clean paint brush and wiped out one of the small icing bowls (you can see I selected yellow) and laid it on top.
Now for my cute paint tube decorations.  I used two empty shampoo bottles, a package of party streamers from the dollar store, two small paint brushes, two sheets of black scrapbook paper and a package of scapbook letter stickers.  

After cleaning out the shampoo bottles I attached one end of the shiny streamer to the cap of the shampoo bottle.  I simply thread the plastic tag through the opening of the cap, but you could tape it to the cap.

Then to the other end of the streamer I attached the paint brush.  (this adds weight and elongates the streamer).

Next I wrapped the shampoo bottles in black scrapbook paper and glued them in place.

Then I reattached the cap to the bottle.

I then used the letter stickers to spell out paint on top of the black paper and on the side of the bottle.

I taped the bottle to the wall, but you could easily drill holes in them and run a string through them and hang them from the ceiling.  Regardless how you display them they will look like adorable tubes of paint squirting out paint for your party.

And now for my FREE banner.  Here's my secret.... I used paint chips.  I cut them in a triangle shape and made sure the part that got removed was the part with the name and codes for the paint color leaving me a solid colored piece to work with.  Then I fed them through my sewing machine as a quick way to string them together.
And lastly, the invitations!!  These were super easy to make.  I simply took a plain white 4x6 invitation and rounded the corners by cutting it into the shape of an art palette.  Then I took these watercolor colored pencils and drew circles in the different colors of the rainbow around the edges.  (These are special colored pencils that when you add water to the drawn marks it smears and looks more like a water color.)  I then added a paint brush sticker which I found in the scrapbook section of a hobby store.  And wrote "art party" on the front of the card with the same colored pencils.
On the inside of the card I used this wording:
Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
We have lots of fun for you!
MacchiOTTo is turning 3 and loves to create,
it's time for a party to celebrate!
Date, Time & Place

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