Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Outside Decorations for the Paint Party

When arriving at our house for a party I like to always have some decorations outside to let our guest know where the party is and start to get them psyched for the party's theme as they walk in the door.  In my mind it just ties the whole decorating scheme together more and adds a nice touch to the front of your house for the special day.  Attention to detail is what sets apart an average party from one they will never forget.  And if the weather is nice out and you plan activities outside then outdoor decorations are a great bonus!!

For MacchiOTTo's Birthday Paint Party I made this fun wreath for the front door.  I'm actually quite proud of this wreath because it was a completely original idea I had last minute and it was quick and easy to make.  I was going for a paint palette look so I simply wrapped a wired wreath frame with a wide spool of burlap ribbon.  Then I found these flowers and butterfly in the craft section for making hairbows, but since they already had pins on them I simply pinned them to the burlap.  (Of course I had a sunflower on hand to use for the yellow.)  Lastly, I took an old paint brush I had in the garage and used wire to secure it to my wreath.  I had a new paint brush but I liked the look of the used paint brush with dried on paint on it.  This wreath was pretty inexpensive to make and I think added a lot color to our front door.  
Next up flowers.  I love planting annuals in flower pots around our landscape so I just incorporated the rainbow color scheme on an art pallet into our planters.  I found these brightly colored pots at Walmart actually and then selected flowers in each color of the rainbow.  While selecting these flower I made sure to select some that would grow tall, some that would vine out down the sides and some some that would bush up.  (The thriller, filler, spiller concept.) 
Then to be whimsical I glued a small paint brush to a doll rod and stuck that into the flower pot.  Again just a small detail that capitalized on our paint theme and gave these planters the appearance of an art palette.
To see more of the party decorations for inside the house click HERE.
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