Monday, April 13, 2015

Smart Coffee App

As a lover of all things coffee today I'm sharing a review of the new Smart Coffee App which can be downloaded from the App Store.  This handy little app is great for those trying to figure out what beans/blends of coffee they would like to drink but would also be good for everyday coffee drinkers looking to deepen their understanding of what flavors go into a cup.  

This App was created by Specialty Coffee Connoisseur Paul Katzeff of the Thanksgiving Coffee Company.  The features on this app allow you to pick your perfect cup of coffee by selecting the flavor profile you prefer in your cup.  By answering some simple questions about your taste preferences this app will tell you what blends to look for at your local grocery store to brew your selected cup or give you the option to buy some of their suggested coffees online.  Other features on this app will teach you about roast color, processing and how the country of origin influences the coffee bean.  There is also a glossary of coffee related terms, picture gallery and archive for you to retrieve the different origins or blends you have previously selected.  

I found the app to be very user friendly and provided great details on the different types of coffee I selected.  It also was fun to show to others to and see what kind of coffee they selected and how closely that matched what they were drinking or gave them something new to consider trying.
When I put the app to the test I started by selecting the Mouthfeel and I went with Heavy & Mellow.  Next I selected my acidity level and flavor and I went with Blueberry/Strawberry.  Lastly, I selected 3 flavors that fit my taste from a list of 15.  I went with Chocolate, Toasty and Caramel.  And the app selected blend #89 a light roast from Rwanda with deep chocolate notes, hints of orange, plum and maple syrup. 
So that is whats in Ott, A's latte today.  Musasa, Rwanda.  And true to the App this is a bold cup of coffee with a sweet finish.  This coffee is a great breakfast coffee that can handle some cream or sugar if those are your drinking preferences.  Overall, the app was fun to use and could come in handy for ideas of new blends to try or confirm those subtle flavor nuances you are tasting in coffees you already drink.

Please note Thanksgiving Coffee Company did send me a sample of the coffee I selected on this App to be included in this review.  

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