Saturday, April 4, 2015

our farm boy and his lambs

It was a nice spring day when shOTT of Espresso went out to the barn to see the lambs for the first time.  We didn't need coats or hats so he was dressed in his overalls and ready for some farm work. As I've mentioned before on this blog, our family has raised purebred Shropshire sheep for 96 years. While we bring in new rams and occasionally some new ewes, we have only ever had Shropshires and have records and registration papers showing that our bloodlines go back that far.  Not too many people in the livestock industry can say that, but we our proud of our breed and our family tradition of raising them.  And while the flock is now just a small hobby, ShOTT of Espresso will be the 5th generation to work with this flock.    

I was holding him when I stepped inside the barn and some of the ewes came over to the gate to inspect him.  (Truth be told they were really just looking for feed, but they sniffed around at him anyway and he didn't seem to mind.)  He looked everything over while his sister, MacchiOTTo, ran on up ahead to see the lambs.  She loves to feed them hay and pet them.  The stacks of hay bales are now called her fort and when the lambs run around she says they are playing tag.
We got out the youngest lambs which was a set of twins and let the kids pet them and took some pictures.  MacchiOTTo was about 9 months old when she saw the lambs for the first time and here shOTT of Espresso is 5 months old.  I was a little worried about how he would react to the lambs but as you can see in the pictures he did great.  He was happy to touch the lambs.  We took a few pictures to document the occasion of our future farm boy.  

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