Monday, April 20, 2015

Bee Coffee Roasters

My latest quest for locally roasted coffee took me to Bee Coffee Roasters, a small batch coffee roasted located downtown Indy in the Pan Am Plaza or a quiet cafe located just off Lafayette Road.  In business since 2006 I think you will find this roastery brews up some great java and tasty treats.
While there I tried one coffee, a Colombian Hulia, brewed three different ways to taste how brewing methods could affect the coffee.  To start with I sampled a Chemex using the pour over method and could taste fruity tones and citrus notes right off the bat.  Next I tried an Aeropress, which was a little more concentrated in flavor and made the fruity taste more lively on the palate.  And the third way was made with a Clever Coffee Dripper which I thought had the smoothest finish of the three.    

Obviously, everyone has different taste preferences, but the barista's at Bee's are sure to help you find a cup to your liking, and while you're there you should check out some of their Latte' Art.    

Bee Coffee Roasters offers teas, lattes, Espressos, Cappuccinos and Signature Drinks on their menu as well as an assortment of muffins and cookies to enjoy with your beverage.  They try to use local ingredients whenever possible.  Coffee beans can also be purchased online.
I was most excited to try their Magpie Barrel.  This is a Barrel aged coffee bean.  Bee Roasters gets an empty used wine barrel from New Day Meadery, adds coffee beans for a couple of weeks, rotating the barrel throughout and then roasts the beans.  I have to say this cup of coffee has an amazing aroma to it.  I could sit and drink in this coffee all day long.
You can check out more about Bee Coffee Roasters on their facebook page or instagram

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