Monday, March 30, 2015

Quills Coffee

I stopped in the newly opened Quills Coffee Shop in Indianapolis a week ago for a cup of coffee.  Nestled near the canal and the campus of IUPUI this cafe' offers a great place to stop in for a fresh cup of coffee.  I had known Quills about their cafe' located in Louisville so when they opened a coffee shop here I jumped at the chance to go check them out.  
Quills has been in business since 2007 but 4 years ago they started roasting their coffee is roasted in New Albany, Indiana.  The coffee is then distributed to their 4 cafe's so you are still getting freshly roasted coffee.  Quills uses small roasters and does about 1,000 pounds per week.

While at Quills I sampled a single origin from Mexico that was naturally processed.  This cup of coffee had a lively taste to it with hints of banana bread and a floral aroma like that of honeysuckle.  I was really impressed by this drink and would happily enjoy it again and again.
I have also been enjoying their Inkwell blend at home.  This is their house blend coffee and I found it to be a full bodied cup with hints of chocolate and citrus fruit.  A great morning brew to get your day started with and taste great black, but can handle cream or sugar if that's your taste preference.    
Quills offers single origins and blends which you can purchase in store or online.  Their menu changes with the seasons, but the Cafe' Miele is their most popular drink, a Latte' with honey and cinnamon.  And this summer they will offer a range of iced drinks as well.

You can follow Quills on twitter or instagram for all the latest news from them.  

Thanks to Quills coffee for hosting me one morning at their Indy cafe' and for providing me with samples of their coffees.

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