Monday, March 2, 2015

Mile Square Coffee

Fine Craftsmanship.  

You may think of this phrase in relation to cars, fine furniture or architecture.  But have you ever thought of craftsmanship in your morning cup of coffee.?!?!

I recently visited Mile Square Coffee Roastery and learned more about their bean selection and roasting process.  They believe coffee can be a culinary experience and after a few sips I think anyone could taste pure craftsmanship in their coffee.
Mile Square started up a year and a half ago.  The name Mile Square comes from the original plot of the city of Indianapolis which was exactly one square mile.  This company is very civic minded and even their logo is similar to that of the City of Indianapolis.
Mile Square focuses on medium roast coffees and while there I sampled the Papua New Guinea-Waghi Valley.  I found this to be a smooth cup of coffee from start to finish and have suttel hints of fruit and chocolate. 

Mile Square Coffee can be purchased at various places around town (including Rocket 88 Doughnuts where there is a special signature blend of coffee served) as well as online.
Mile Square uses the San Franciscan-SF6 as their roaster.  Affectionately called "Little Ray" due to the street names of the roastery location, this machine can roast 6 pounds at a time.  With attention to bean density, moisture content, air flow, heat and more Mile Square can ensure a consistent roast each time.

Unique to Mile Square is their coffee truck (similar to a food truck) called Coffee Mobile. Be on the lookout for that once the weather gets warm as it will be serving up fresh roasted coffee and have some delightful pastries to pair with it.  And they hope to open a new location with a cafe' in the very near future!
Overall, I loved Mile Square's attention to detail.  From the way they grade their beans down to the designs on their packaging (which is an old city map from 1899).  One can certainly taste the quality in their medium roast coffees.

For all the latest news from Mile Square be sure to check out their facebook and twitter pages.

Thanks to Mile Square for hosting me at their Roastery for an afternoon of coffee.

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