Monday, March 16, 2015

Blue Mind Roasting

I'm guessing most coffee drinkers consume their daily cup of joe in the morning hours.  Maybe you grab it on your way out the door and enjoy it on the drive to work.  Maybe drinking your morning cup is your 5 minutes of quiet before the kids get up.  Maybe you drink your coffee with the morning news or over a quiet devotional.  Regardless where you drink it, I think the time you drink coffee is your time to recharge, regroup, refocus or rewind from the days events.  And shouldn't the coffee you sip complement that time and space you set aside each day?
When I had the pleasure of sampling some of Blue Mind Roasted coffee I immediately knew the flavors and aromas in their light to medium roast would be the perfect cup to start my morning with.

Starting up a small roasting business in their home in Broad Ripple, the owners, Sarah and Andy have been crafting locally roasted coffee for 1 1/2 years and are creating an excellent niche market for lighter roasted coffees.   While the name Blue Mind came from the lyrics to a song, the owners knew they wanted to create coffee to sip and enjoy while you set aside time to get lost in your own thoughts and slip off into the deep blue.

Currently they use a small batch roaster, but the couple will be getting a commercial sized roaster in the very near future and will be able to do larger batches.  They roast their coffees until after the first crack and currently offer 4 roasts a Guatemalan, Colombian and 2 Ethiopians.

I have sampled their Colombian and found it to pack a punch of flavor and remind one of a chocolate covered cherry.  I am currently drinking their Guatemalan Antigua Finca Cabrejo and find it to be a well balanced cup which starts with hints of sweeter fruit and has a spice flavored finish.
Blue Mind Roasted coffees can be purchased around the Indianapolis area at Wild Wood Market, Garden Table, Tyner Pond Farms and Agrarian.  They are currently working on a website, but you can check them out on their facebook page and instagram accounts to learn more and find out all the latest news.

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