Monday, February 2, 2015

Tinker Coffee Co.

I stumbled upon Tinker Coffee Company by surfing the internet for locally roasted coffee. And, I have to say I'm glad I did, as I have just recently sampled some of their coffee and it was a pleasant delight to start my morning with.
Tinker Coffee Co. is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and while they do not have a cafe' their beans are available for purchase online and served in some establishments around town.  What I appreciate about Tinker Coffee is their willingness to educate consumers about coffee production, roasting and brewing by offering classes on Thursday and Sundays.  (I plan to blog more about this later.)  By learning more about the roasting and brewing process you can fully enjoy your daily cup of joe to a greater extent.

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When I received my shipment of Tinker Coffee the first thing I noticed was the aroma of beans. As soon as I opened the package there was a pleasant hint of sweetness mixed in with the traditional smell of coffee beans.

While I was grinding the beans you could smell the flavorings continuing to develop and while my coffee pot was brewing these grounds the entire kitchen was filled with a pleasant aroma.
Finca Santa Rose contains beans from Chiapas, Mexico.  I found this cup to be very palatable; a rich and full bodied taste with a sweet and clean finish.  There are tasting notes of nuts and fruit which makes for a perfect afternoon pick me up cup.  Overall, I really liked this roast.

Huila contains beans from Columbia and the smell of the coffee grounds contain a slight citrus aroma.  While drinking this brew one can pick up on some hints of almonds and has a nice medium bodied flavor and finish.

To keep up with all the latest from Tinker Coffee Co. be sure to follow their facebook and twitter pages.

Please note Tinker Coffee Co. did provide me with product to sample for this review but all photos and opinions shared on this blog are my own.   

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