Monday, February 9, 2015

Liberation Roasting Company

Starting up just over a year ago, Liberation Roasting Company is providing fresh locally roasted beans to a coffee shop or deli near you.  I recently stopped by their roasting room located in the Fountain Square district of Indianapolis, and visited with the owners.  

Their desire is to inspire local coffee consumers to drink fresh locally roasted coffee.  And when I say fresh, I mean their goal is to sell beans roasted a short time ago, so you can enjoy the fullest range of flavors in their beans.  They focus on medium roast to bring out those little nuances that one seeks in a freshly ground cup of coffee.    
The roaster at Liberation can handle 11 pounds at a time and takes about 15 minutes.  Ninety-five percent of their beans are single origin meaning the beans come directly from a single farmer.  Besides offering several roasts they also offer decaf and an Espresso, which is made up of 4 different beans and then blended together. 

To purchase these beans you can stop by their roasting room on Friday & Saturdays, or by appointment.  They are also available at various coffee shops and deli's around Indianapolis.
 While I was there I sampled their Nicaragua Finca San Jose Blend.  This was a really well balanced cup of coffee with some hints of chocolate.
And at home I've had the pleasure of drinking their Java Sunda which is a full bodied cup with hints of spice.
You can follow Liberation Roasting Co. on facebook and twitter to get all the news on their latest roasts and locations for purchase.  And be sure to check out their website for more information.

Big Thanks to Liberation Roasting Co. for hosting me one morning and giving me samples of their coffee!

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