Monday, February 16, 2015

Harvest Cafe' Coffee & Tea

This week my quest for locally roasted coffee gave me the pleasure of drinking Harvest Cafe' Coffee & Tea.  In business since 2002, Harvest Cafe' is a small batch roaster offering single origin beans, coffee blends (like espresso) and flavored beans.   Their roaster can handle 30 pounds of beans at one time and while they specialize in medium roasts they do offer some robust blends that come close to a dark roast.  Harvest Cafe' Coffee beans are USDA certified Organic and the company does go through the proper channels and requirements to maintain that Organic status. 
While in their roasting room I sampled the Organic Guatemalan bean.  I found this coffee to have a nice body and a smooth finish.  A versatile coffee that could easily be your go to cup in the morning or enjoyed in the evening with a sweet dessert.

I also sampled their Hazelnut flavored coffee which has an amazing aroma and taste.
As you probably already know coffee beans in their natural state are a light green color (pictured below and to the left) and smell like grass or hay.  After roasting the beans change their size, color and smell.  While roasting the beans pop similar to popcorn and change in color from green to yellow to brown while doubling in size. Light roast coffees go to the first pop or first crack.  While medium roast coffees roast until there is a second crack.  The flavor of the coffee bean also develops along this roasting process. 

Harvest Cafe' Coffee's biggest seller is their Black Magic which is a robust blend.  As you can see in the picture below and to the right, this roast brings out a beautiful dark color to the beans. 

Harvest Cafe' Coffee can be purchased online, at the Indy Winters Farmers Market or Good Earth in Broadripple.  They are also carried by a few restaurants and coffee shops in the area.  I was very pleased to learn that they do supply the coffee for Jack's Donuts which always offers some great seasonal flavors.  And Harvest Cafe' also offers an assortment of tea and smoothies as well.   

For more information and news from Harvest Cafe' please check out their facebook and twitter pages.

Big thanks to Harvest Cafe' Coffee & Tea for hosting me and giving me samples of their coffees.

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