Thursday, December 11, 2014

the big arrival of shOTT of Espresso

It's hard to believe 2 months have gone by, and I have not blogged about the BIG arrival of our shOTT of Espresso.  I apologize for not sharing the news or photos sooner, but most days when faced with the choice between blogging and a nap... the nap wins out every time.  So today, I am finally announcing shOTT of Espresso is here, healthy and always... hungry.
Just like with MacchiOTTo we wanted to keep the gender of our baby a surprise.  And the pregnancy's of both kids were the same (morning sickness, cravings, tiredness, etc.) until week 28 when I started measuring big with shOTT of Espresso.  At 30 weeks we had an ultrasound that confirmed it was going to be a big baby.  Both the baby and I were healthy and the gestation dates for the baby were accurate, it just got some big genes and both weighed and measured BIG.  We had 3 more ultrasounds over the rest of the pregnancy to monitor it's growth.  When I went in for my last ultrasound at 38 weeks I distinctly remember the doctor saying "You're going to have a humongous baby!"  I jokingly said, "Well we were hoping for a linebacker."  And the doctor responded with, "I think you need to change your roster and make it a defensive tackle."  
At 7:42 am one October morning, shOTT of Espresso was born.  When the doctor held the baby up in the delivery room, Ott, E got to holler out what the gender was.  He raised his hand in the air as he said, "It's a boy. It's a boy."  Our BIG boy had arrived and was crying as loud as he could.  He had blonde hair, and yes, he was definitely BIG.  And while we would have been very happy with either a boy or a girl, we consider ourselves blessed to have one of each.   
Miss MacchiOTTo has been a great big sister so far.  Although I don't think the newness has quite worn off yet. 

And just like when she was born we had hospital visitor favors for family & friends when they came to visit us at the hospital.  Since we announced our pregnancy with a jelly bean theme we thought we'd keep that going and made these cute packages of blue jelly beans.  The tag says, "Thanks for BEAN here to meet our sweet addition." And then on the back side we wrote the baby's name and birth stats.  

Newborn photos by Baby Grace Photography. 

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