Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Spy Themed VBS Decorations & Crafts

We recently got done with VBS at our church and I thought I would share some of the decorations and craft ideas I had the kids do; as they could easily be done for any spy themed party or craft project.  I had Kindergartners and our classroom was called the Laboratory, because any good detective knows the lab is where most of the clues are discovered.  For room decorations I choose the James Bond opening sequence swirl for signage with cute messages like "Restricted Area" "Authorized Personnel Only" "Top Secret" and "Security Clearance Required." I used red and black as my colors and had red and black balloons hanging from the ceiling. There were pictures of test tubes, beakers, microscopes and magnifying glasses on the wall. 
Each day one student got to reach through the "laser beams" to open the safe to find that days clues and evidence.  I used bungee cords and a ho-la-hoop for the make believe lasers and a safe which opened by pushing a button to store our "confidential documents" in.

 For crafts one day we made Ictus key chains out of pipe cleaner and beads.  Since two archs making a fish was used as a secret christian symbol by early believers I thought this idea tied in perfectly with our spy theme.  Ott, E actually did a guest presentation on this to the class and told them that the Ictus is an acronym using the Greek letters for Jesus, Anointed, God's, Son and Savior.    
 One day we used water colors to reveal a secret message.  Ahead of time I wrote with white crayons on white watercolor paper, and then the kids simply painted over the paper and the message showed through.
 Another day, we made lanterns out of canning jars and tissue paper.  I wrote on the jars with glow in the dark paint the day before and then the kids applied mod podge to the jars then scrap pieces of tissue paper and then coated the paper with another layer of tissue paper.  I used some decorative wire around the top of the jar to serve as a hanger. And then tea lights could be placed inside and would show off the secret message at night.

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