Monday, June 2, 2014

shOTT of Espresso

We have a BIG announcement to share on the blog today.
I've switched to DECAF!!!!
(just kidding, that's not it.  But I have given up coffee again and that's because....)

That's right we are expecting a new little "shOTT of Espresso" this fall.  MacchiOTTo will become a big sister and we are certain that having a new baby in the house again will require some espresso to get us through the days after those sleepless nights.  

But Ott, E and I are excited to welcome a new OTT to the family.  And just like last time we shared the news with family by sending out Pregnancy Announcement cards.  

We had an early ultrasound done a few weeks before Easter and as I was looking at the picture I thought it kind of looked like a black jelly bean.  So I thought why not play off the Easter theme and send out cards announcing when our new Jelly Bean arrival?!?!
With the help of Shutterfly's website I uploaded our picture, selected a card with jelly beans on it and came up with some more cute wording to play off of the Easter theme and announced our big news.
As you can see in the picture above we showed off the jelly bean, announced we were "Eggspecting" and stated when MacchiOTTo would have some "Bunny" new to play with.


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Cherie from the Queen of Free said...

Awww! Such wonderful news. Rejoicing with you in your joy. :) Good luck with the decaf. ;)