Tuesday, January 14, 2014

8 Christmas Clearance items you will use throughout the year

I love the sales the day after a holiday.  (No, I'm not talking Black Friday when you get the deals on the latest toys and technologies.  And I'm not talking about the day after Easter and Halloween when you buy all the half price candy or costumes and decorations for next year.)  I'm talking about those products that may have "Christmasey" colors, scents, flavors, etc... but can really be used any time of year.  While stores may market and promote items during the holidays, after the holidays, they mark these items down so you can score some big savings.  A great first example I have here is
 1.)  Hand Soap.
The soap itself is red and yellow in color and the containers have some swirls and stars on the front and the smells are sugar cookie and enchanted apple.  While those are all the things we associate with Christmas time, none of these items would seem odd or out of place if you used them later in year.  Swirls and stars are acceptable year round and who cares if you smell sugar cookie after that first pump of the soap handle... chances are you eat sugar cookies year round anyway.  I found these bottles of soap at Meijer a week after Christmas for 58 cents each!!!
But here's a clue on locating items like this (as they usually aren't with the Christmas ornmanets and trees and the big signs marked 70% off)  you have to look for them on the endcaps of shelves throughout the store.

2.) Paper Products.  (Tissues, napkins, plates and cups.)
You may have to dig, but a lot of time plates, cups and napkins may have just a plain colors or simple winter designs that can be used on into January and February.  Or if you put your tissue box into a container then no one will know what's on the box.  

3.) Linens
Now I know usually linens go on sale after the holidays anyway, but check out the holiday section as I have gotten some lovely cream colored tablecloths at great deals and they simply had a paisley pattern on them and not associated with any holiday.  Here is a plain red vinyl table cloth I bought for 75 cents, which I could use around Valentine or anytime in my red kitchen.

4.) Ribbons.
Right next to the red and green plaid and the holly and ivy in the ribbon bin you may find some plain pinks, blues, greens, etc. that can be used year round for any wreaths or various ribbon decorating you may need. Why pay $3- $5 bucks later in the year, when you can buy it for cents right now?!?!

6.) Ornaments & Decorations.
I know I mentioned that this post wasn't about finding the cheap Christmas Decorations, but a lot of the decorations in the Christmas Ornament section aren't the traditional red and green and snowman... Look for bright blues, purples, and neon green ornaments that can be used throughout the year.  Just think of any upcoming Baby & Bridal Showers you may have and buy up the pink and blue to set around as centerpieces or start planning that next kids birthday party theme and buy some bring colored butterflies and dragon flies. The list of decorating possibilities is endless.

7.) Cooking & Baking Supplies.
I have a red kitchen so I'm always on the lookout for plain red colored spatulas and turners around this time of year.  You can score these cheap.  Also cookie bags and boxes.  (While some may have Santa or Snowmen on them sometimes you can find some with just starts or stripes that can be used anytime of year you need to take a cookie plate to the office or baked goods as a "thinking of you" present.) And lastly, colored sugar sprinkles. Green oblong sprinkles can be used at Easter time while red and blues crystal sugar sprinkles can be used again for the 4th of July.  Why pay full price in July when you know a 25 cent jar sealed tightly will last till then.  

8.) Candles & Candle Holders
Regular candles or the flame less kind can be purchased at a fraction of the price if they were red, green glittered etc.  Think of any up coming weddings or banquets you may have and stock up on those glass candle holders for centerpieces.  Or, as I recently found out, flame less candles were great to use around a toddler when the power goes out.

These are just a few ideas, I'm sure you can think of others, but don't be afraid to look around the store and see what other deals you can spot.


Angie @ Just Like The Number said...

Good tips! I just noticed an entire end cap at Target today of holiday dish and hand soaps on clearance.

Crystal said...

Love these tips! Pinned :)