Wednesday, October 16, 2013

fall for flannel

I've worn flannel shirts before, but I can safely say until I reviewed this Duluth Trading Co. Free Swingin' Flannel I had no idea there was so much variety in the weight of the flannel fabric, the cut of the flannel shirt or the many color combinations it could come in.  Boy did I get a quick education on flannel and I'm here to pass some of that insight to you.  As you can see with the cooler fall weather were having I've already put my flannel shirt to the test doing some yard work and fall cleaning.  After washing and wearing the flannel shirt a couple of times I can tell you it is a tough material and can handle the task at hand. 

So like I mentioned, I selected the Free Swingin' Flannel in the Eggplant Plaid.  I really like purple so that was an easy decision.  But other characteristics I liked about the shirt were the relaxed fit, and the longer shirt tail which stays tucked in all day.  It's 100% cotton which makes for a really comfy shirt. 
So back to your Flannel Shirts 101... Duluth Trading Co offers flannel material to meet your temperatures and work style.  For instance their Flapjack Flannel is probably their warmest with fuzzy soft Cotton flannel on the outside and polyfil insulation on the inside.  Or, if you are active in your flannel, you should check out their Cross Cut Performance flannel with 40% moisture-wicking polyester to keep you cool and dry with 60% cotton to keep that soft flannel feel. 
All of Duluth's Flannels have a natural fit with Bi-Swing back and underarm gussets for freedom of movement, are machine washable and have a shirttail Shammy microfiber cleaning cloth under the front hem to clean off your smart phone screen. 
Now that you know more about essentials, let me tell you about their colors as that's what I was the most impressed about.  I selected the eggplant plaid, but I contemplated getting the Raspberry.  I also like the orange, different shades of blue and green and then they also had your traditional reds.  With some many color choices you will definitely find something you like!!!!
Please note Duluth Trading Co. did send me a complimentary shirt to review for this blog post, but all thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are my own.

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Marybeth Feutz said...

I love the microfiber cleaning cloth detail! What a fantastic idea - all clothes should come with that!