Monday, October 14, 2013

Duck BLT Pasta Salad

I must admit when Maple Leaf Farms sent me a package of their Duck Bacon... I knew it was love at first sight.  Who doesn't love bacon?  I couldn't wait to try it.  And since it's still that time of year where I have a few late tomatoes in the garden I thought I'd combine the two and make a BLT Pasta Salad.... a Duck BLT Pasta Salad.... a DBLT Pasta Salad!!!  
Now I'm sure you are all wondering how the Duck Bacon tasted?!?!  Well I can tell you it has good flavor, a nice combination of the meat and fat.  I fried mine up so it would be chewy and really enjoyed the taste.  (I might have eaten a slice and didn't make it in to the dish.)  
But now back to our recipe for DBLT Pasta Salad.

Ingredients: 1 pound duck bacon, 12 oz. pasta, 2 cups Southwest Ranch Dressing, 1 cup chopped lettuce, 1 cup diced tomatoes.
Directions:  Fry up Bacon, drain and cut up into bit size pieces.  Boil water and cook pasta to desired tenderness.  Drain and add Ranch Dressing.  Stir until well mixed and then add tomatoes, lettuce and bacon.  Stir again and place in the refrigerator for at least two hours so dish can be cooled.  Serve Cold.
Thanks again to Maple Leaf Farms for providing me with a package of Duck Bacon.  Be sure to check out their Strut your Duck Recipe contest going on now through October 31st. 

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