Tuesday, October 29, 2013

bubble tulle skirt tutorial

I keep gaining more courage with my sewing skills and I got to work on MacchiOTTo's Halloween outfit a little early this year. I realized that my years of getting to choose what she wears for Halloween are numbered and I had a cute idea but knew I needed lots of time to get it all done.  Of course getting from the idea in my head, to the sewing machine, to the finished product were three separate things.  Halfway through I found myself to be covered in glitter and up to my elbows in tulle.  But I persevered, swept up a lot of glitter and now have the bottom half of her costume complete.  (I'll reveal tomorrow what she is when I show you the top half.) For her skirt I knew I wanted something fuller than a tutu and.... something different.  So here is a bubble tulle skirt, and here's how I made it.
 Supplies: 3 different colors of glittered tulle 12 yards each, 3 spools of matching string, 1 yard of plain white fabric and elastic for waistband.

I cut my plain white fabric to match another skirt she had in her size that fit her well.  I then sewed the side seam, bottom seam and used elastic to create a waist band at the top.

Next I cut my tulle in 24 inch pieces.  I bought tulle that was 6 inches wide so I cut that in half so my strips of tulle were 3 inches wide by 24 inches long.
Please note: I used string to match the tulle I was using so you couldn't see my seams.  Then I would gather up one end of tulle and start sewing just a little then back stitch to attach it to the white fabric.  Next I take the tulle and create a couple of zig zags about an inch and a half wide each way.  (See photo above) I would hold these in place with my fingers and then sew in a straight line. Then create a few more zig zags, and sew in a straight line and the repeat again and again until I used up all my piece of tulle.
To get splotchy color look I sewed my tulle in a diagonal line and alternated the colors, all the way around leaving about an inch of white fabric in between each color. Then I went back in a diagonal line the other way, alternating my colors again.  Then I went through and filled in whatever empty spots were left with a color that wasn't near by.  If I wanted this all to be a solid color I would have sewed in straight lines from top to bottom but I was going for that speckled look.

Also, you can alternate the length of the zig zags you create in areas where you need more filler or less.  The bubbles are pretty forgiving so you can be a little inconsistent and it won't show.

Overall, it's a fun skirt I think any little girl would enjoy wearing whether it's for a costume or just a a dressy outfit.

To see the rest of her costume click here.


Lana's LIfe said...

You are sooooo good! I'm not sure I could try that without a bit of wine to steady my nerves and patience, and we all know one should not drink and sew.....Keep at it. You will totally ROCK play costumes when the time comes!

Veritable San Antonio Wrongful Death Law said...

Oh my word! This is the most adorable thing... my 6-year old niece would love it!