Friday, May 10, 2013

Little Bo Peep 1st Birthday Party

Time flies by and it's hard to believe that our little MacchiOTTo turned one.  To celebrate this milestone we had family and friends over for a Little Bo Peep themed birthday party.  This seemed like a great fit, since MacchiOTTo had gone out to the barn earlier this year to see the baby lambs.  I love to obsess over the details while party planning so I hope to showcase some of those in the blog post.  I used yellow and green as our color scheme and sunflowers for floral decorations as MacchiOTTo wore a sunflower dress during the social hour of the party.  
To start with we had an adorable invitation made by Sara Jane Studio with a Little Bo Peep and the sheep as the RSVP card.  Guests could select "yes, we will flock there" or "no, we will be out to pasture" as their response.  
Next, for the decorations.  I made sheep tissue paper pom poms (tutorial here) and Little Bo Peep banners from Doodle Monkey Designs.  I also gathered up all the sheep figurines and sheep children's books I could find and sat those around the house on the mantel, etc. to enhance our party decorations.  Each month I had taken pictures of MacchiOTTo wearing the same outfit to document her growth and made 12 individual sheep out of scrapbook paper with a monthly picture mounted to each so guests cold see how she's grown. 

Here you can see the monthly sheep pictures better and how I dressed up the plastic table cloth for the food table.
Next up our party had lots of sheep related details.  Like for a snack I put chex mix in a galvanized pail with a yellow scoop and called it "Sheep Feed."  I also had a local florist arrange sunflowers in smaller galvanized pails to set around as decorations.  We lucked out and found a Beer with her name and it had a yellow label on it which matched our color scheme perfectly, so we ordered some of that to have as our signature party beverage.  Lastly, we gave out bottles of wine we found at a winery in Illinois that just so happened to have a sheep on the label.  So I had favor tags made which said "We hope you had a 'woolly' good time!"
Another appetizer we had were decorated chocolate covered pretzels which I called "Lost lamb tails" since Little Bo Peep's sheep lost their tails.
 We also had 3 games/activities for guests to do doing the social hour and two of the three had a sheep related theme (more info here).  The other was for them to sign her 1st Year Time Capsule book with pictures of all her firsts from the past year along with historical events as well.  Guest could sign the book "yearbook" style and then we sealed the book up after the party and she will open it again at her Sweet 16 party!
Then for the cake I made two types of cupcakes.  Chocolate cupcakes that looked like sunflowers and white cupcakes with a Little Bo Peep cupcake topper that were iced with green frosting and little Royal icing sunflowers.  I displayed the cupcakes on cake plates and put MacchiOTTo's Smash Cupcake on the very top by inverting a wine glass to act like another small cake stand.
 And here is the birthday girl herself, in her high chair all decorated (tutorial here) to match the party.
 Lastly, since we had several out of town guests staying in the city for the weekend in I made up welcome bags for them when they checked into the hotel with tags that said, "We welcome 'ewe' to Indy!"
I think MacchiOTTo had a great time at her party and enjoyed seeing all her family and friends!!!!

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