Tuesday, April 16, 2013

4 ways to save $15.22 a week with a baby

While having a baby in the house is a blessing it is also a big expense to weekly buying diapers, formula, food, clothing, toys and the list goes on and on. Luckily I have found 4 ways to save at least $15.22 a week. Now that may not seem like much but in one year that is a savings of $791.44  (And that's the minimum amount... the actual amount I'm saving is probably more than that, but for this post I've figured the amounts to be as average as possible.)  So without further delay here are my tips that I am passing along to you.
1.)  Trash Bags for the Diaper Genie.  This is my favorite tip so I had to pass it along first.  Everyone has a diaper genie and loves the ease of using it, but have you noticed how much those refill bags cost?!?!?  You can buy a 3 pk. at Wal-Mart or Sams Club for $17.49 and I never see coupons or sales on them.  Well what I have discovered is that you can use a kitchen trash bag in the plastic container the diaper genie refill comes in.  One of those Diaper Genie refills cost $5.83 and says it holds 250 diapers.  I estimated that I can stuff around 56 diapers in a trash bag inside my diaper Genie before I have to refill it.  So that would be 6 trash bags to equal one Diaper Genie refill (based on number of diapers)  I can buy 45 Hefty Cinch Sak Tall Kitchen Trash Bags for $11.97 (I might even find a coupon in the Sunday paper to make it less but lets stick with the 11.97)  That's 27 cents a bag.  And if 6 trash bags hold the same as 1 Diaper Genie refill thats $1.62 in trash bags verses $5.83.  So if in one week I use 2 trash bags that's 54 cents compared to using a third of a diaper genie refill at $1.94 that's a savings of $1.40 a week on diaper trash bags.

2.) Formula.  The best advice I can give you on formula is to sign up to receive coupons online.  Most of the large brands of formula have websites and you can sign up to get free samples and coupons mailed to you on an almost regular basis, and I have included links to their sites here for you.  Enfamil       Gerber        Similac

We use Similac and when you sign up they send coupons for $5.00 off.  We also have a Sams club membership and I can buy a 2.12 lb. container for $31.98 (which is a savings over the 1.45 lb. container I can buy at the grocery store for around $23.99)  Now with the $5.00 coupon I get from signing up on their website that makes the price of the larger container at Sam's Club 26.98 and I figure that out to be about 90 cents a bottle.  Buying the smaller container at the grocery store without a coupon would cost me $1.06 a bottle .  Since right now MacchiOTTo takes 28 bottles a week, I'm saving $4.48 a week in formula.

3.) Cloth Diapers.  It may seem old fashioned, and I know that this does not work for everyone, but I use cloth diapers about 2 days a week.  And yes, I realize there is the extra expense of the laundry you will have to do for cloth diapers, and you need to take into account the cost of the cloth diaper and how many times you have to use them to break even.  But, once you've hit that point you can save money and it is good for the environment.  I figured a good average price for buying diapers on sale with a coupon comes to about  16 cents each.  Since I have 23 cloth diapers, and I use them once a week that's a savings of $3.67 a week in diapers.

4.) Baby Food.  As I've mentioned before on this blog I make my own baby food.  And it has saved us a lot of money.  One example I can give you is for carrots.  Sometimes the grocery store will have a 1 pound bag of carrots in their 10 for $10 sale.  So that's $1 for one, 1 pound bag.  I can puree' that 1 pound bag of carrots into baby food and easily get 12 servings out of them.  That's 8 cents a serving, and when you compare that to baby food in the store which can be bought for 98 cents for 2 jars (2 servings).... if I feed MacchiOTTo carrots twice in one week that's a savings of 82 cents.  But as you know baby's eat more than twice a week and right now MacchiOTTo is eating 3 times a day.  So I estimated that by making all my own baby food for a baby her age for the whole week (and taking into consideration purchasing some fruits and vegetables cost more than others) I save $5.67 a week in baby food.

Other tips I have to save money beyond these 4 items include:
  • Always clip coupons out of the Sunday paper for diapers and wipes.  I never buy diapers or wipes without a coupon as you can almost always find them.
  • Try some generic brands of diapers as they can cost less and sometimes work just as well.
  • Shop the Clearance racks for clothes, shoes, coats that are bigger than what your child currently wears as you may find some great deals.  I bought MacchiOTTo a pair of pink shoes at Old Navy for 97 cents and 2 pairs of socks at Target for 70 cents each.  Even if she only wears them a couple of times that's a deal.
  • Buy next years winter coats at the end of this winter.  While it's hard to estimate how much kids will grow in a year... I bought MacchiOTTo a nice Carter's Winter Coat for only 6.99 when it was originally priced at 69.00  That's a $62 savings!!!!!!
So there you have it.  When you add it all up you can find some ways to save money on your baby.
Diaper Trash bags   $1.40
Formula                  $4.48
Cloth Diapers          $3.67
Baby Food              $5.67
     Total                $15.22      

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