Wednesday, March 27, 2013

taking shOTT's

Ott, E is the photographer in this house...and I was happy with my little point and click camera.  But here lately it seems as though my point and click was taking more bad photos than good photos.  No matter where I stood, how I zoomed, what setting I had it on, or if the flash was on or not, my pictures were usually blurry, orange and people had red eyes.  So you can imagine my frustration when over half of the pictures I have of MachhiOTTo are not even worth downloading and end up getting deleted because of the poor quality.  So I decided it was time for me to get a new camera and off to the store I went.  
Ott, E told me I needed a DLSR camera.  (Now again, I want to state that I'm a point and click kind of a photographer so anything beyond that is completely foreign to me.)  Inside the store we located the cameras and started to look them over.  There were several black cameras all lined up by different brands, price points and features.  One looked just like the next other except for the name written on it, and I really had no clue what to look for in features or options.  But, then in the corner..... something caught my eye... something.... red......  And while it wasn't a red pair of shoes, I experienced the same intrigue and complete concentration when I see something red and shiny.   It was a red.... camera.....  Once I saw it.... it was like a beam shined down on it and I couldn't have told you anything else that was going on in the store right then.  

But then a salesman walks up and says, "I see your looking at cameras.  Can I answer any questions for you?"  Ott, E said yes, "We are interested in a new DLSR camera."  The salesman went on to tell us about all the brands and features and lens options (but lets be honest I really didn't pay any attention to what he was saying as I was still fixated on the red color.)  He and Ott, E chatted back and forth about the cameras they have and like and again I wasn't paying any attention, but then there was a pause in the conversation for a moment, so I figured I'd better say something, so I said, "Do any of these other cameras come in a color?"    No, the salesrep said, "only that brand and model come in red."  Then he talked about mexa pixels and some other things I didn't really know what they were and compared them to some other brands I hadn't heard of and again I wasn't paying any attention, but when he and Ott, E stopped talking and were looking at me I again figured I'd better say something so I asked "Does it come in any other color besides red?"  No he answered and then blabbed on about memory cards or something... again not listening or caring because all I could see was a shiny red camera...  at one point he might of asked me if I had any other questions and all I could ask was, "Do you have the red one in stock today?"

Luckily they did.  So back home we went with my red camera, and all the way home Ott, E talked about what I should do with the camera, and yet again I wasn't really paying attention because I had opened the box and found it came with a red neck strap, so now I had a new red object to fixate on.  For some reason I caught the tail end of the last comment Ott, E made .... "you could test it out by taking pictures of the snow."  there was a slight pause and I answered with "yes, right after I get the red strap on the red camera I'll do that."   
And although I'm still not sure what it was I was supposed to test here are the pictures of the snow I took my Red camera.  Enjoy!

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XB said...

Stunning photos. You found a good camera!

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