Monday, March 4, 2013

a hearth cushion to baby proof the fireplace

Now that MacchiOTTo is pulling herself up and walking along the edge of things one of her favorite places to play is along our fireplace hearth.  It's a good height for her to pull herself up and it's a good place for mom to get really nervous that she may fall and hurt herself.  So I was looking for ways to baby proof the hearth but still maintain some functionality and design to our living room.  While I would feel safer wrapping the edges in bubble wrap that probably wouldn't look to appealing.  And the baby stores sell these hearth liners, but there a little on the expensive side for something that is still an eye sore when the fireplace is somewhat of the main focal point in the room.  So when I came across the idea to make a cushion for the fireplace, I decided this was the best route to go.  Now MacchiOTTo has a softer place to play, I feel safer having her play there and it looks nice in my living room.  And for an added bonus when company comes over there is now additional seating for people.  If we do use our fireplace I would take the cushion off, but we really only use it in winter when company comes over, so the rest of the year, this cushion is a permanent fixture.

To start with I purchased padding at the local craft store and cut it fit our fireplace.
Next I bought a canvas material that coordinated well with the other colors in our living room, matching thread, a heavy duty needle for my machine and cording to make piping for the edge of the cushion.  From there I looked on pinterest and youtube for directions on how to sew the piping and finish off the corners of the cushion.  (If you are interested in making this for yourself, I would google it as I couldn't begin to cover all the details they do.)
I used Velcro along the back side of my cushion so the fabric could be removed if necessary (like for washing).  And I found that while cutting out and around the actual fireplace insert for the cushion did take more time it looked a lot nice that not doing so.
I added a few pillows and skirting to front and sides of the cushion to cover up the rest of the bricks.  I did this mainly as another layer of protection for MacchiOTTo but also because I thought it looked nicer, however you could easily omit that and just do the cushion.
For right now the cushion is big and heavy enough that MachhiOTTo can't move it, but I am anticipating in the future that she could pull it off so I'm reaching what I'm going to use to help fasten the cushion to the fireplace, but for now, it's a cozy bench seat and soft play area.

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Kim of Mo Betta said...

This is a great idea!

Wana said...

You did an awesome job. I'll have to copy this. We have the same colored brick fireplace and brass surround.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. Just wondering if you ended up adding anything to fasten it on. I have a 2-year-old, and I'm afraid he'd pull it off. Thanks!

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