Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sewing my Valentines Day Cards

I have found an alternative use for my sewing machine in that I'm using it to make home made Valentines Day cards.  Instead of using tape or glue I simply sewed my papers to the card which gave the card a cute craft look.  You could probably also use this same idea if you did scrapbook pages.  But for my cards I simply took some of my scrapbook supplies like paper and shape cutters and a picture of MacchiOTTo and created my card.  And, I thought this project was good practice for me in using the machine and I'm getting much better at making a bobbin now.   
To start with I measured and cut out my paper.  I lined it up on the front of my card and then used these little clips, a scrap booking supply, to hold everything in place.

Then I started to sew around the edges of the paper.  I used my widest zig zag stitch and I used red thread to match the colors of my card. When I reached the end of my sewing spot I would back stitch by cranking the machine by hand so I could line up my thread in the same holes to give the end a clean look.
To make the inside of the card look a little neater I did glue a plain piece of scrapbook paper on the back of the front side to hide my strings on the inside.  Lastly, I attached my pictures of MacchiOTTo with double sided tape, wrote my Valentines message on the inside and mailed them out to family.

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siteseer said...

how cute... I bet your family LOVED them.