Monday, January 14, 2013

Wintery Snow Themed Party with Hot Cocoa Bar

As I've mentioned before, I don't like the month of January. So to beat winter at it's own game, we've had three parties in three weeks and the last one was by far my favorite. It may be cold and dreary outside but we are celebrating warm and cozy inside.  This Wintery Snow Day party was our first time hosting a kid friendly party.  Since we now have our daughter MacchiOTTo the days of just having adults over are long gone and I've adapted my party planning to include kids.  That meant having activities for kids to do during the party and hiring a sitter to help entertain the kids in another room so the parents could converse.   This Wintery Snow Day Party had a hot cocoa bar and all the desserts were snow themed.  To see how I decorated my house for a winter wonderland click here.
So to start with I had blue snowflake table clothes, with matching plates, cups and napkins.  I used some blue snowflake lights and ornaments to decorate my tables. 

As you can see we had 4 different flavors of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa packets for our guest to choose from (regular, dark chocolate, mint and marshmallow madness).  And plenty of hot water for them to make their drink.
Next we had 7 different toppings for them to choose from to top their drink to their taste preferences.  We had Reddi Wip Cream, big marshmallows, fun shaped marshmallows for the kids, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chips, and peppermint sticks.
Next the food.  As I mention all the food was snow themed.  So I had Chocolate covered Pretzels that I called "ski poles."
And snowflake shaped cookie press cookies, with blue sprinkles.
And then wedding cake cookies which I called "Snowball" Cookies and lastly I dipped Nutter Butters in chocolate and called them "Snowshoe Cookies."
And in case someone didn't want hot cocoa I decorated my beverage server to look like a melted snowman by filling it with water and then placing a carrot and 2 lumps of coal (black rock candles) in the center cooling compartment with ice.
Lastly, there is the table I had reserved just for the kids and we had cups for them with trees on them and then stickers for them to decorate their own cups to put their hot cocoa in.
I also had snowflake and snowmen cookies for them to decorate themselves with different colored icing and sprinkles.  We had games for the kids to play and the adults played this great game called Telestrations which is a combination of the game telephone and pictionary.  It was hilarious and everyone was still talking about it when they left.


Jent said...

You are so fun!!! Love your theme party's - I always think I will have one but am never that organized! AND the 'melting snowman' drink is AWESOME - so cute!

Lana Wallpe said...

I LOVED your idea of having help to watch the kids! It's so hard to visit with everyone when kids are of a certain age. I'm with Jent on the melted snowman beverage. Too muh fun! (well, maybe not for the snowman!)

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