Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My new adventures in sewing

Santa brought me a sewing machine for Christmas this year. Me!  The girl who can barely thread a needle.  Struggles with sewing on a button.  And has always paid other people to hem her pants for her....Now has a sewing machine.  Needless to say this was a surprise, but ironically I've started looking for projects to sew.  So I'm either going to make some cute things or I'm going to sew my sleeve to my project and end up stuck there.  But regardless it will make for some interesting blog posts.
I took my sewing machine out of the box, read through the instruction manual and began to set it up.  First up I figured out how to get string on my bobbin.  Then I had to get the bobbin installed and that took some time to figure out.  Probably about 20 minutes.  The instructions weren't very clear and I'm not very mechanical with trying to get the wheels underneath there all lined up, but finally it all clicked into place.  I felt a huge sense of accomplishment only to realize.... I still had to set up the string on top and thread the needle. But luckily the instructions on that were a little clearer and it went much quicker.  35 minutes in I was finally ready to start sewing.

I practiced on some paper first to get a feel for the pull and the stitch sizes and lengths.  Then I was ready to start my first project....socks.  Laugh if you must but prior to this sewing machine these socks would have been thrown out or used as dust rags.  Now they will live to see some more wear and tear.
Next up I repaired a tear in a pair of pajama bottoms.
And lastly I hemmed a pair of jeans.  I figured I saved myself around $10 by hemming them myself and a couple days of time and a gallon of gas since I used to have to take them some place and pick them up later.  Three projects done and more on the horizon.  So stick around, there are sure to be more adventures in sewing ahead.


Stacie said...

You will be sewing for the little one in no time. I have a 3 month old and the price of baby clothes has created a new spark for sewing! And don't pay for patterns, Pinterest has tons of baby and childrens clothing patterns for free!

Lana Wallpe said...

You Go Girl! Tink wants to sew for 4-H, but I told her not unless Grandma W signs on to help, which she did! Whew! I can sew, but I don't think I'm up to the intimidating 4-H standards. Have fun with your projects! Enjoy!

siteseer said...

lucky you. I got my sewing machine in 1975 and made baby cloths on it for my 37 year old son lol now I'm making American Girl doll cloths for his daughters lol Love sewing and all things domestic. and Love my little grandchildren five of them ages 5 years old down to 2 months old. I'm in LOVE